Day 43: 10th February 2022 | I recorded myself during my psychology appointment

Trigger Warning: mental health, suicide, self harm, drugs, anger all discussed.

I thought this might be an interesting way to learn more about myself. Recording my therapy sessions, since I currently do them via telehealth online, is easy using my phone camera on stand facing me so my therapist is never in view.

I have shared the entire video because I seriously have no interest in ever editing anything I put up during my daily videos.

I have obviously let my therapist know and she was happy for me to share the contents. I will definitely be recording all therapy sessions from now on.

We worked through a number of different self help techniques that I found really helpful.

I am diagnosed with the following MH illnesses:
▪︎Borderline Personality Disorder
▪︎Dissociative Disorder
▪︎Suicide Ideation

All of which effect me every day. My therapist is fantastic and helps me in so many ways. Who knows, maybe some of what she says might help you or someone you know.

So, if any of this interests you, enjoy 😁

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