Day 487: 27th April 2023 | Boss looked like he was about to get up so I went to help him …

And it turned out he didn’t want off the bed, and he then tried to steal my spot so I quickly lay down and now Boss is stretched out next to me with his head on my tummy 😍

Boss without surgery is heavy..

Boss on medication only a few hours after surgery impossible to move. I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to get him out of the car at one point 😅

I am hungry now though so since he’s asleep again I’m going to go make some food now 😋

Goodnight everyone xx

6:47 pm

Update: I cannot believe I forgot to mention this but Boss actually went blue on the table at the start of the surgery but thankfully pulled through and came back to me 🥰🥰

7:10 pm I’m finally up and going to make some food 😁

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