OMG, living alone and hearing a loud bang just made me jump ðŸ˜²

My heart stopped for a moment, I swear. I paused the tv and everything. Boss seemed fine, though so I figured I had nothing to worry about ☺️

I am in bed now and currenty have a YouTube video titled “What is a personality disorder?” paused on my tv. I am actually really excited about doing the lab report because this is why I’m at uni, to learn and it’s fun. I think reminding myself that I can still ask for extensions worse case but I have faith so far that I’ll be fine. I am however tired.

I think it might be bedtime after all. First day back on campus since before covid as well as attending my very first ADHD peer support group, I’m excited and a little nervous, and unfortunately, highly aware of just how much pain I am currently in.

Me so sleepy. Group starts at 2 pm. Ideally I would like to get there a couple of hours early, at least. I can take everything in my slightly handbag that fits my laptop, take, side note, I completely forgot I had, and the assignment booklet and a note book.

I wish I had bought a new notebook. I have been feeling drawn to purchasing a new one recently. Nothing simple, just something to write down all of my daily thoughts and reminders so that I don’t forget. All the things that don’t need to be shared. I immediately hear: nothing needs to be shared yeah ….

I’m putting my phone away 😅😂

Goodnight xxx

1 am 💗🌌

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