Dear Diary …

I went to the place I met Mr. X. I immediately went to ‘personals,’ ‘casual encounters,’ then ‘men looking for women” and tyed in my suburb. There is an ad listed that is exactly what a part of me wants in this moment. A picture of an absolutely gorgeous man doing a push up looking straight into the camera with his tongue stick out and up. The picture said it all 🀩

I couldn’t get my toys on me fast enough, even though they were right next to me 😝

It was gooooood 🀣😜

I did not end up dabbing today because my hands hurt way too much by the time I finished the plant. Bringing in that soil bag then using my hands and small scoop to fill the bracket hurt like hell but at least she is done, though still in my kitchen right now. I’ll set her up in tent tomorrow 😌

The reason I ended up where this story started is because this thought had entered my head; can I date without sex. That lead me down the track to learning more about this in detail. I am though extremely attracted to particular people. And then it hit me maybe I’ve been going about this the wrong way this entire time. More confusion hahAha. I have to laugh, anyway, maybe opening myself to the idea of casual relationships and ensuring I’m 100% about exactly what I want and don’t want right from the straight, well, at least I know I am in a much better space now ☺️

Online dating sites do not like me. I somehow even got banned on Tinder yet have no idea why πŸ˜…

I definitely didn’t put really thought into where I ended up though that’s for sure . More of this beautiful flow, I’m apart of πŸ’ž

Diary, you always make me feel better; thank you πŸ™‡πŸ’—


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