I have so many comments on my YouTube videos that I haven’t seen before 🤨

It’s so strange. I was trying to work out exactly how many hours of viewing are available on my channel with my videos and came across a section full of comments that I haven’t received notifications for on the actual videos.

So, I have been working my way through reading them and then decided a few moments ago that I will watch some of the videos that the comments are on.

I watch everything I post eventually but it was only Monday just been I think when I realised that I need to

I need to dedicate some time to going back and watching them all again. I want all the transcripts of each saved, plus I really need to know what each video contains content-wise.

It’s 4:54 pm here. I’ve had a shower/bath since I still feel really shaky and I don’t know why. I definitely need to speak to my doctor about it, and in the meantime, I’m thinking I should call my pharmacist. I was going to earlier, but sometimes I have days where I only have a certain amount of energy to do things that involves talking to others, and I just couldn’t bring myself to make the phone call after calling two separate local doctors to ask about getting the Implanon in my arm taken out. It is not bulk billed anymore so would rather my regular doctor do it.

Anyway, I’m still craving creamy mushroom pasta. I was going to ask Andrew this morning if it’s something he ever cooks but I forgot. I vaguely remember how Ellie said she makes it but I didn’t buy cream which was silly. I have no idea what I’m going to have for dinner though, if I still have one cup of noodles left, I dare say it will be that.

I’ll make a video a bit later, so talk to you all again then x

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