OMG! For the first time ever my hair got stuck in a magnet of my fridge …

Enough for me to have to stop and untangle it otherwise it would have been ripped out….

Like how does that even happen?

Obviously, I had to read which magnet had literally stopped me in my tracks, all while thinking, wow, there really are so many ways the Universe can speak to us.

Actually, this has been happening more and more lately as the feelings and understandings I’ve logically know but not yet felt, like understanding for some time that we are all connected and never really alone before I could feel it.

Bloody confusing is all I know haha well no, my understanding grows every day, which come to think of it, is why I become so anxious and overwhelmed so easily these days. That’s not fun, but, since I still have to do the washing, I’ll get to the point of this story…

The magnet that literally made me stop walking was exactly what I needed to be reminded of..

I like knowing what time I’ve posted a blog

7:48 pm

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