There are two food items I could make without much preparation … but

I’m seriously having one of those days where nothing I have in my house food-wise is doing anything for me lol

These are my two simplest options. Cup of Noodles. Wrong brand, but I’m stoned. Or a toasted egg sandwich. Both delicious. Both are easy to make, especially the noodles but by god let me tell you when you get to this level of exhaustion just standing up is difficult.

Since getting home and coming straight to my room and putting Netflix on, it’s as if like every single part of me has just been released. Sunk into the bed beneath me. I feel like I could stay here for days.

I had to let my friend know that I couldn’t come and get him as I never drive if I don’t feel like I’m safe. We all know there is a level of exhaustion that can affect your driving. I probably would have fallen asleep soon after arriving home, so it was the best for both of us to reschedule.

I’ve decided I’m going to need to re watch some of season 3 of You because I have forgotten more than I realised. But this new limited series popped up called 42 Days of Darkness I think and so I’ve started watching that.

And in meantime writing, this post has helped me see once again just like last night, that the noodles win again 🤣

All my curtains are closed to keep the heat out, it’s lovely inside even without air-conditioning on as I just don’t need, but I keep forgetting it’s only late afternoon given it’s 4:47 pm. Think I might make my noodles now and my nightly meds just in case I do pass out. I would like to get up at a decent time tomorrow because more than anything, I want to clean my house. Properly without stressing about uni.

And to round of today of a wonderful note, Boss is ok!! 🥳

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