Day 415: 15th February 2023 | I was able to get my car out with the ambulance there🥳

Now to decide if I want to buy takeout for lunch 🤔

P.S this video said it was going to take hours to upload with mobile data, so it’s 2:14 pm and I’m home now uploading it ☺️

This was discounted to $5. I have never tried this particular burger because it is a genuine vegan patty made out of vegetables etc. On odd occasions when I do get a craving for a burger and fries, I always get the tastes like meat but doesn’t involve eating a murdered animal’s dead flesh.

When you start to wake up to just how truly fucked our world is, the ability to continue justifying what we do and how we think is what enables humans to keep living the way we’re “supposed to” 🤢

Learning who you are at core level is extremely difficult and takes what I imagine might be a lifelong experience. But as someone who has been doing this for years now, to figure out who I truly am and actually comparing my values to my actions, I can no longer compartmentalise or justify to myself so much of the bullshit I could.

But please don’t think I think I’m perfect 🤣

I share absolutely everything because of how messed up I am. The only difference now compared to my past, is that I know many of the aspects in my life that are not currently aligned, a perfect example is buying a cigarette vape even though I have made many videos about how much I dislike then 😑 😅

Just heard from my friend who I was hoping to have picked up before coming home. Now that I have laid down on my bed I’m absolutely exhausted and think I might fall asleep yet he’s ready to come now but has no car. At this rate I don’t think I’ll be even awake enough to enjoy his company 😴

I just have to remember to make myself go and get chips for days when I want to vape weed and eat crap. IGA near me sells my favourite NZ chips and I’m pretty sure they’re cheaper there than the other supermarkets. Next time I won’t be so lazy

3:11 pm

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