The weed isn’t helping anymore πŸ˜­

Once again I’m back here. Crying my eyes out in such a severely bad state I can’t see properly πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜’😭

I’m just trying to watch a solutions video for the third practice quiz, but I honestly feel like everything I know or have ever understood is being wiped from my mind.

Day by day I see just how much I don’t know. Just completely useless I am when it comes to doing right by myself. I’m 37 and feel like a scared little kid who just wants to hide under the blankets on my bed and never come out.

This is my seventh year at university. That along eats at me. But I have managed to keep a decent grade average all the way up until now, but, I have no hope when it comes to the exam. None. At all. I have never ever once been so nervous and stressed out about an exam as I am for the one on Tuesday.

I think the valium is starting to work because I have managed to stop crying so that’s something I guess.

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