This is driving me insane πŸ˜–

I even tried to do something about it on either Friday or Saturday, I think it was, but I just wasn’t strong enough to turn the lawnmower on. I tried a few times since I was hoping to my lawns and the bloody drive weeds done before I have to give Andrews lawn mower back.

There’s been a few days where I just haven’t been able to focus on uni, so it’s even more frustrating jut how badly my hands fuck with me now. Just trying to open child proof caps causes me such severe pain and a lot of the time I just can’t do it which is not helpful at all, given some of these are on my medications.

Plus I have to do one of my physio exercises outside since its the only place I can put the strap level with where it needs to go.

I really thought I had fixed the problem of not using it when I attached it to the inside of my front door, but, alas, it is too high where it is currently positioned.

It’s too high here …

Ok uni break over πŸ˜’ time to get back to it.

I need to understand more than I currently do before the two-hour tutoring session I have at 5:30 pm πŸ˜…

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