Sitting in car outside of the local doctor’s clinic …

I’m so exhausted I tried to reschedule my appointment 20 minutes before I was due to be there but due to cancellations policies and being charged for changes made less than two hours before the appointment, I quickly got ready and made it with a minute to spare. My appointment was for 10:40 am, and even though it was later than that when I went in, I think my appointment went for longer than it was possibly meant to since it’s now 11:41 am.

I still really want to go to hydrotherapy which I have to be at by 1 pm. But I’m also very much in a state of mind where I could sleep all day, but know there is a part of me just feeling that feeling of … I seriously can’t be fucked … Which never helps me

I still really need to do my dishes too since I had nothing to wash them with last night and have a sink full of dishes which I seriously dislike. I had planned to pop past Woolworths but not in mood now, so sitting in car like I said as there is a Shell Express Service Station right in front of me that I tried to call a couple of times to double check they have dish washing brushes. I couldn’t get through and decided to write this while sitting here …

Why do I do the things I do? Sometimes I’m as clueless as everyone else lol

11:46 am and it’s time to just go check in the store go home wash my dishes, shower and get a move on because just like everything else in my life, I know if I don’t actually start doing the things I need to I will be easily able to justify not doing them at all down the track..

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