First time in a long time since I have bought cheese and spot cream πŸ˜…

While doing my food shopping online last night I think there must have been a sale or something that made me think about nachos and then start craving them.

I have tried and disliked most vegan cheese and spur cream alternatives. Therefore I really thought about whether I wanted to buy them or not. But I was able to remember to remind myself that doing my best is good enough.

Good enough is good enough like my therapist would say ☺️

I did, however, forget that melted cheese tends to cool down before I am finished eating it, as well as forgetting it’s better to put fewer corn chips under the cheese since I melt it in the microwave not under a grill

I have started watching Inside Man on Netflix and still have 15:15 minutes of the first episode to go, yet have yelled at the tv a number of times 🀣

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