Sitting in my kitchen listening to Tool

Especially since one of the main lyrics “We are all one” is the exact quote I have tattooed on the outer side of my right arm ☺️

Our inner most sacred selves are all connected ♡

My home is nice and clean, though I’m such a silly buggar sometimes 😅

My pain levels were high as soon as I got up which was when Victor called me at 7:45 am. I vaguely remember thinking I should get in the shower there and then since he couldn’t chat, he just called to wake me since I had a day of studying planned.

But like John Lennon said ⬆️ plans don’t always go the way you’d imagined 😅

So, I know I’ve explained this before but for a quick recap, basically what happens when I over do it on one day or don’t manage my time well and instead of spacing everything I need to do out, I tend to end up doing everything on the same day, since as odd as it may sound for someone as extroverted as me, but, I become a total recluse who hates leaving my house once I’ve been alone without seeing anyone for a certain point.

After a day of doing way too much or not preparing myself properly for what I have planned, there always comes a pain flare up. These range in so many different variables but for this story’s sake, my pain flare up today hit excruciating by lunchtime. What I find interesting is that I feel 1000x worse today than I did yesterday. The flared-ups do usually tend to not be the day straight after over doing it, but two days after overdoing it.

Anyway, I didn’t warm up at all before going to have a hit of tennis on Friday night, which I absolutely knew I needed to do, and yet it just didn’t happen.

I swear losing hours is messing with my head even more now 😳😬

I tried to call the game when I knew I needed to stop. 10 minutes in and I was in agony. And yet, I still played for approximately 40 odd minutes or so🤦‍♀️ At about 25 ish minutes I “called it” and explained once again to the person who I play with that I know it’s hard to comprehend for the next person because I look and sound completely fine but underneath what everyone can see with their eyes is a complete and utter mess of brokenness. My 3D human self is more messed up than I honestly believed could be humanly possible. But believe me it is. Lucky me 🤣 /s

And this is just one of the things I deal with 😅

Fun fact: according to people in Reddit, if you out /s after a comment this shows the reader that you are being sarcastic. I find it very helpful personally 😌

OMG I have been writing this for too long 🤣🤣🤣

I’m going to make my daily video now since typing is just stupid at this point 😅🤦‍♀️🤣

Somehow it’s 7:51 pm and I still haven’t posted this yet nor eaten dinner or anything. There’s another few hours unaccounted for 😬

Must eat. Will be a very short video today ☺️

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