I made it almost all the way to the end of the seminar ☺️

I paused and rewound several times to ensure that I was grasping the concepts of how to use each individual part of the software. This time though I didn’t try to follow along while watching, I just took notes of each of the steps as well as I could. I am definitely feeling more confident with it. But the real test will be tomorrow when I try to do it myself using the same data info used in that seminar. That way I can get my head around the basics of using the software before watching this weeks seminar..

Unfortunately, right now, I am not feeling well. Likely a combination of my body needing far more rest than I seem to have time, which it itself is confusing me; but combined with ovulating which as my Doctor says, it’s no wonder I feel like I’m dying during this time, given, I produce 5x the amount of eggs that is the average normal. Believe me, the irony is not lost on me given I have no intention of ever bringing another person into this world.

I am trying to eat but just feeling so shitty and in so much pain in so many varying ways. But I am now in bed, my favourite place, with my best buddy Boss next to me so I’m happy.

I have absolutely no plans whatsoever tomorrow and need to spend it focused on uni. At least the data, software part that I need to understand to do the quiz next week. Ideally I would like to be up at a reasonable time so that I don’t have to work until late in the night and instead walk Boss after studying..

So the only thing left is .. do I set an alarm and risk setting myself up for failure or not set one and pray I naturally get up when I wake up. Ah fuck, in all truthfulness both options seem absolutely impossible right now.

Goodnight ☺️

9:39 PM

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