I consciously decided to go back to sleep after Boss woke me for breakfast at 8:30am

And I feel great about it! My psychology session really helped me see just how much more complicated than it needs to be due to the constant pressure I put on myself πŸ™„

It’s through sleep that my body heals itself the best, so it’s no wonder I’ve been sleeping in. Thankfully, it is working. Slowly but surely, I am managing to lower my pain levels. It’s the none stop constant excruciating pain that I have been dealing with for the past few months that is making everything else harder to manage.

So, I am so bloody happy that I am now in a place where I am not beating myself up for sleeping in. I have never been a morning person unless I have had to be due to my corporate job and all the ones before that and all the full time studying I have done over the years.

The number one thing that is above and beyond the most important thing in my life now and moving forward, is to simply keep my pain levels at a level where I can still function.

I watched the pre-recorded videos yesterday while sorting out all my uni booklets and organised my office/living area, which is now nice and clean, so, I have shut the door to keep it that way. I’m other words, keep Boss out of there so he doesn’t mess everything up. Which he does a lot of the time.

I have mirrored my uni videos to my tv and am sitting in bed with week two first video paused while I write this 😊

Toastmasters is tonight which I love and want to go to but can’t shake the feeling that catching up completely with uni is more important at the moment. Plus, I still have to pay the membership fees etc. Once I do I will have access to the educational program and already know that is going to make me lose even more interest in this statistics unit I’m doing. So, I am going to email the person I have been in contact with to explain this and tell her that by the next meeting I’ll be where I need to be uni wise, so, I will pay the gees etc to become an official member by the next meeting in a fortnight.

Anyway, it’s already 11:28 am. My doctor is calling me at 12 pm and I have plenty to do.

Have a great day everyone πŸ’ž

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