Time to fix the broken draw that is meant to be in kitchen ๐Ÿ™„

I really need to update the colours

Once I have done this I am going to sort out my house and get everything clean and done before I even look at catching up on uni.

I had a video appointment with my weed specialist and for the first time ever I feel so invalidated because I am being prescribed all the meds I am yet can’t keep up with my housework. I kept trying to explain that when my friend died it obviously caused a reaction and I’m doing the best I can but the video kept freezing so I really don’t know exactly what I missed or she missed in the conversation.

Thankfully she has sent scripts for the next 6 months to the pharmacy I get my medical cannabis from. There is some great news though regarding my prescribed cannabis medication. There is a new CBD oil available for half the price of what I am currently paying, and since its actually stronger than what I am currently taking, it means I only need to take half a mil morning and night, so a 30ml bottle will last me 60 days, compared to what I am currently taking which cost’s $290 per 50ml bottle but I have to take 1ml morning and night resulting in only enough for 25 days.

Anyway, I need to fix this draw and start cleaning. Once my house and washing is done, I can then go lie down on my bed and sreen mirror the recording weekly learning objectives on my tv and take notes as I need on the slides that I already have printed and bound.

It’s 12:36 pm. Time for more Ritalin and I am going to take the thc oil I have throughout the day to see how it affects me taking it multiple times a day ๐Ÿ˜…

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