Going to sleep now 😴

It’s 8:54 pm. Going to bed every is good for me. Otherwise these days I just binge watch Netflix and sleep in the following day which ultimately upsets me.

Today my 3D human body took it up a notch 🤕

I was speaking to Graham when I received my grade for the second assignment. It was lower than what I had anticipated even with my exhaustion included at 72% anyway I was visibly cycling through emotions, while writing an email to uni which Graham advised me not to send, for which I completely ignored while at the same time trying to work out the best day/time/seating availability for The Phantom of the Opera…

And well my face started to really hurt and itch to the point where I had to go look in the mirror and the entire lower part of my face was covered in red hive looking things. So painful. It’s still painful. I’m lying in the dark trying to will myself to get the cream my doctor said to use which I’ve only just remembered since lying down.

I used this ⬆️ when I first saw it and it helped but I think I’m going to fall asleep any minute so hopefully it won’t matter and I’ll look just like me after a decent sleep 😴

9:05 pm

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