Day 288: 13th October 2022 | Finally bought a new universal charger…

I knew I needed to buy one asap, so, throughout the day I keep looking online..

I realised by about 5:30 pm that I was going to just have to go to Officeworks and pay the $109 for the correct model of what I remembered

Then I remembered that they pprice match then beat it by 5%! I found it for $69.99 online and they matched it and gave me 5% off. I bought biscuits while there as I need I didn’t have the emotional bandwidth to go to the supermarket, which has now remembered me I have to finish my online shopping for delivery.

Best news of all today is that the charger works for the laptop perfectly but also my weed vape and better yet…. it’s bought my favourite sex toy back to life!!!

I’m absolutely exhausted and definitely have to go to sleep soon but that has truly made my day 😆

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