I am having a really “off” day

Everything feels wrong

Every interaction with someone has felt wrong

I feel extra sensitive today

So close to tears

Yet so easily irritated too

I am a person

Though I don’t always feel it

There’s a time and a place for everything

For now and the foreseeable future

I am taking a full break of discussing any kind of “adults only” content

Both on video

In written blogs

As well as in person

I am grieving

Whether I grieve the way others think I don’t look like it

I say this for the sudden huge drop in viewers since my friend died

I want to be treated how you would treat anyone else who is grieving

I have almost no one in real life

This is just a simple fact

Nothing to feel sad or pity about

But I am still a person

An overly sensitive easily triggered one at that

Just because you may not have seen me breaking down in my videos lately

It’s because I am struggling to make them in the first place

Not because I don’t want to

Because I very much do

I just don’t know how to even talk about everything that I’m feeling at the moment

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