I really wish I had of remembered to ask for my chocolate back 😬

Thankfully, I bought some vegan Drumsticks. I did not buy any chocolate because that would very much defeat the purpose of removing them from my house.

But I also thought I’d remember to ask for them. Guess its for the best.

I have just put some vegan patties in the oven and am about to make some bean salad. I saw a movie clip when I turned on Netflix to put Friends on while I made some food. It looks really good so I am going to watch it after dinner. I say after, because I always seem to miss vital bits of information when I try to watch something new while eating dinner.

Yum!! I am very much living according to what my body needs right now. Tonight it wants vegan burger patties, because they are simply delicious, and some homemade bean salad with some bread and vegan butter. And to lie in bed and watch a movie until I fall asleep 😴

For those of you who feel the need to give unsolicited advice about something in my life you know nothing about, this is what I have had. I feel fine. Definitely not drunk or unable to thought clearly etc.

10:19 pm

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