Overwhelm has won

I started feeling so bad. So stupid. Like a failure.

I tried to remind myself of all the reasons I’m not.. But it didn’t help

I started crying then crying some more

I had to walk away from my computer

I wanted a cuddle with Boss

He only stayed with me for a few moments while I pat him but now he’s on the other couch

I have so much to do still but I just feel so f*cking stupid that trying to force myself to keep working when I’ve only just barely managed to stop crying is pointless

Logically I can remind myself of all the good I have done and that I am not a failure.

It’s just that, unfortunately in this moment, at 4:45 pm on Tuesday the 6th of September 2022, I can not feel it

And it’s this feeling making me want to cry because I’m already in so much pain so feeling this completely worthless and stupid is only making everything worse


One response to “Overwhelm has won”

  1. You are almost there! You can do this! Just remember it’s philosophy you want to do- so think of the bigger picture! You’re not hopeless, stupid or a failure! This is ONE unit. Now no more crying. No more bad thoughts. You CAN do this!


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