Just sat down at my desk and came upon this note I wrote to myself ☺

I know that I am far more kinder in delivering whatever it is that I want to say to the next person, but I realised last night that I don’t ever actually think about r consider what the next person can handle to hear.

This realisation came to me when I realised that I could say exactly what I thought about something that would be far too much for the next person to deal with, due to literally not having enough the time, energy or brain power to change the topic at hand. This occurred to me because I became fully aware of the fact that people do this for/to me. And that is a good thing.

In fact, I have only just realised (need to look up a different word for realise it seems haha) that people have been doing this for me far longer than I have ever known.

Self awareness is cool. Now to just continue to remember to implement what I have learned.

It’s 11:38 am and I’m about to start working on my assignment. It’s absolutely beautiful outside once again. Though since Spring starts next week, that makes sense 😌

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