Damn. No Donation Page.

To be able to accept donations, I need to provide the following information as stated in email received from the company that deals with all payments via WordPress.

I obviously can provide all of this but I do not wish to provide any of my personal identifiable information in this site. Since I cannot provide a different address and phone number, it just wasn’t meant to be.

I am going to watch some uni personality content while listening to Tool on YouTube on my tv while sitting on my bed in my warm house.

I say warm because you wouldn’t believe how often I have a debate inside my head as to whether I should heat the whole hoise just for me. Especially if I want to be in my room.

Just today, not even an hour ago I’d say, had this specific debate/repetitive conversation playing out in my mind again! Like, the amount of times, I must go through the same thing before it actually sticks is fucking unbelievable. Not fun for me on any level believe me. But as with everything it seems, I made myself turn the heat off. The temperature dropped immediately. I knew it would. My house is always colder inside during winter even if there is a little warmth in the sun.

Thankfully it is back on now and I am standing under the vent in my bedroom listening to…

Now it’s time to pull myself out of my rut and get back into remembering how much I love learning the actual content of my university psychology units. Because I do. I love absolutely everything I am learning. But the actual learning to become a clinical psychologist involves so much that I have realised I just don’t want to do. But this funk I’ve been in since my episode started, isn’t helping me at all, but just because I’m struggling to pull myself out of it, by focusing on the part of uni I love, I think that will help.

Side note: I have definitely been listening to Tool more and more lately and enjoy Shazaming them to learn all the lyrics correctly lol but right now I need to focus.

5:11 PM Still Listening 🎶

Just as soon as my bladder lets me off the toilet hahaha

4:12 PM

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