I need to lie down now

I have realised exactly how bad it is for how I have behaved about and towards Rachel..

She literally does not have time, regardless of what I have thought about it, up until now..

I say now, because I now realise exactly what I have effectively been saying and doing and how once again it is an action that is not aligned with my belief.

We are all one. It’s tattooed on my arm! We are all connected. To view this situation through the eyes of unconditional love, I see someone who I love, who is doing her best, doing everything that she can with what she’s got for herself and her child, and me adding the pressure of wanting and needing an actual 3D relationship, is, litteraly more than what she has got. Because she was my friend. A friend. A friend who means so much to me. And now now I’m seeing multiple versions of events taking place and can see how maybe what I have been so upset about…

I’ve lost my train of thought now

8:36 PM

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