Thoughts coming to mind while watching the movie ‘Side Effects’ on my hard drive

Maybe I’m only meant to be an online friend? Maybe I’m just not someone that people actually want to be around?

Definitely starting to feel like that.

I think I might even like being a recluse it just hurts my ego, my 3D self far more than I can obviously handle to have ‘friends’ in the real world who don’t want to see me in person.

Memories of different scenarios but recurring consequences keep coming to me. Time to fully accept reality.

Reading and writing are what I want to do while philosophising, and with everything available for delivery, I guess it’s time to start becoming friends with the voices in my head. I mean, they are all a different part of me, and in reality, I literally desperate each time I ask to meet for a coffee with someone these days 😅

So many of us are alone. Completely. I must accept reality and remember to keep my feet firmly on the ground. Now that I keep imagining my dream life, I realise it is me alone doing what I love.

There is so much more to this, but I can’t think straight anymore. Too tired.

7:32. PM

Update: “I don’t explain myself well” my own words. I really do need to start listening better. 7:55 PM

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