Oh my God, I just had the best orgasm ever!

Can’t type just need to make note of it..

Oh so many things I want to say. Might need to start recording myself, and then work from that.

Some things will stay the same.

From them new things will grow.

This is a massive change taking place in this moment in time my life. . .

Yet, again it’s almost the exactly the same to what happened so many years ago.

Though I find it highly amusing that I was scrolling through Reddit and somehow ended up on the ‘NSFW Cheating Wifes’ page, resulting in a spectacularly fantastic rippling orgasm that lasted….

Not Safe For Work NSFW, by the way. I had to Google that when I first saw it.

I am so excited for my new life now that I can finally see what I knew and just wouldn’t accept because I have realised tonight is because my ego doesn’t think ‘Philosophy’ doesn’t hold the same weight as ‘Psychology’. That it’s not as credible enough. But I have seen yet again what I was missing. I have been saying it since the start. I say it in real life. In reality. 3D. To people what I am doing and why. .

I believe that we are all energy. The Universe, experiencing itself in Human form. My Higher Self and Me are all the same yet different. Far smarter people than me can explain that part down here besides me. But I do believe that I have lived hundreds of lifetimes over. That this is my last. I am here for something bigger than me but I don’t fully understand it.

My body and mind are broken. I need to put what I need first. I have always known I keep needing to go within.

Couldn’t remember why I started this so scrolled up . Time to put phone away.

8:43 PM

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