I’ve called it a day. Time to rest.

So far, I have had a nice day. I have started writing my assignment, which I’m happy about. If I try to force myself to keep working on it, I know I’ll end up in a bad mood, which will only make tomorrow so much harder.

I just have to ensure that I….

Don’t even know how to finish the above sentence lol

All I know is that I never want to do another lab report ever again after this one.

I love philosophy. I love everything about philosophy. Studying philosophy makes me feel fantastic, unlike psychology.

I would always tell the next person to follow their passion, what they love doing over something they think they have to do.

I am living my dream. Right here in the now. I am a Storyteller. I tell stories and that makes me happy.

And so many of the stories that I can hear, yet don’t have the ability to currenly explain are all massive philosophical beliefs and thoughts. I understand something I don’t even fully understand myself consciously, yet but I know, studying psychology isn’t going to help me.

I have to follow my heart. My heart and soul do not want to spend the rest of my life studying something that constantly makes me feel dumb for a profession I don’t even want to do.

I want to enjoy my life. Extreme overwhelm and stress cause every one of my health conditions to increase substantially. I already live in pain, I don’t want to be actively making it worse.

When I originally applied to go to university in 2017, my dream regarding uni degrees was to study philosophy as a discipline. I got lost along the way, but I am so grateful and happy to be finally able to see it before breaking myself to do something I know deep down I don’t want to do.

I am so wrecked. I’ve had dinner and am going to get in bed. Friends is playing on my tv from my hard drive, but I’ll be asleep soon. 7:25 pm

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