Whenever I think of someone I haven’t spoken to in a while, I always hear from them within hours or days…

I think about you every day.

You could always hear me back then.

Can you still hear me now?

I’m having one of those days where the world is making me sad.

Ironically, it’s days like today that make me want to succeed even more.

I want to help make this world a better place. Even if in just some small way.

I realised today, after all the crying, that I refuse to let university break me. I choose to be at uni. I choose to keep learning, growing, reflecting and whatever I can to be the best version of me that I can be.

I have a nice life now. I am happy. And I mean genuinely happy.

Days like today are ok. I know I’m ok.

But the one thing that is always on my mind is how much I love you. Because it’s from that love that I was able to help myself.

I know that what will be will be.

Every day I am thankful.

I still tell you everything. All of what I want to share with you, I say in my mind.

And sometimes here…

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