Day 199: 16th July 2022 | Being at Uni makes me feel dumb when I know I’m not!

I am working through the reading that I didn’t finish yesterday, and there are so many names of things that have been shorted to just the main letters, and I keep forgetting what they are mean! So, I keep having to scroll back to look for them. Plus, not having done Research Methods yet is making this slightly more difficult because I don’t know what so many of the statistics symbols mean. Thankfully I have all the notes printed out, and ready to start studying it, but it’s not overly helpful right now.

Also, I feel like I don’t have enough people to fill out the survey for me. So far, Ashley in NZ and Randy from my philosophy classes, have both done it. Sammie, another friend has agreed, but it’s been so long since we have been in each other’s lives regularly, so I have no clue how she will go. Ashley said some of the questions are really intense.

Rachel and Grant have both just agreed to fill it out which is fantastic. Andrew, if you see this, I would be so grateful if you can please fill it out for me too. The results all get averaged out so I won’t know who said what. I just need as many people as I can find who feel they know me, to fill this out for me.

Actually, I have now been making these videos every day for 199 days! (how awesome is that?!?!) I’m sure some of you could probably fill it out lol

Other than that, I plan on working my way through this reading and then starting to look for more. The first assignment is worth 45% and is due on the 26th of August, so I need to start straight away.

UPDATE: 7:15 PM | I just watched this and I am really happy and proud. Plus I learned a heap of things ☺️

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