Day 195: 12th July 2022 | Shout out to my friends who always make time for me!๐Ÿ˜

If you read my written blogs you may have seen that last night I wrote a blog about needing to end a friendship that is no longer benefiting me. There are only so many times I can ask to actually see someone who is my friend and be ignored. I have reached my limit. But, yesterday my ego got away from me and tried to drag me down the tunnel of ‘no one cares about me’, which is not true.

So, I wanted to show my appreciation for my friends who do always make time for me. Like Andrew who has already been this morning to check the water and oil of my car before 7am! Thank you so much!! And Grant, you always make time for me too. I have many other friends as well but these two people go out of their way to help me all the time and are just awesome people!!

It is raining today, so I am very grateful that I had a tarp and tape to fix up my window before going to the mechanic today. I do have to get petrol though before I go anywhere. Damn prices are insane!

It is now 7:26am. I am going to get dressed properly and go get petrol and then drive to pick up my box of stuff from a friend who never has time to see me. I have wanted it back for a while now, so now it’s time.

I’m sending light and love to everyone!! XXX

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