Mr X’s wife’s name is popping up everywhere lately!!

And just hearing it again now has made me remember that I actually feel asleep talking to her in my mind last night.

It’s all coming back to me. I think because she has been on my mind for so long and I’m constantly reminded of her, that is why I reach out to her Higher Self.

I know it’s been years since everything happened but that doesn’t mean I’ve just forgotten. How can I. She is married to the person who came into my life and turned it upside down. She is the mother of his kids. She loves the same person that I do..

I can’t help but wonder about their life sometimes. Especially when her name is all around me, being thrown at me from every direction. So when it gets to the point that it has, I send her love. Because she she deserves it just like everyone else.

When it comes to them and their family, all I care about is that they are happy. Besides the horrible things I said in anger and pain all those years ago, I wouldn’t actually change anything. I am beyond grateful that Mr X did go through with the wedding. I wouldn’t be where I am if he hadn’t. Nor would I understand that real true unconditional love actually exists. But it does.

I am so genuinely happy these days that it’s sometimes hard to remember just how bad it was and how severely unhappy and broken I felt for most of my life. Yet my life changed during those two years with Mr X. If anything had gone differently, who knows where I’d be. Probably not at university and about to start working on my own business.

But yeah the point of this post is that Mrs X is on my mind and has been for some time.

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