I have finally decided that a half friendship isn’t what I want so I’m ending it.

I have more than enough friends who I only speak to online. I don’t need one with someone who lives 20 minutes away and keeps literally ignoring me when I ask to catch up.

Truthfully I want to end it right now I’m so pissed off at how I have just been spoken to, but I need to pick up my weed box first. Thankfully it is being left out in the morning so I will go get it straight after Andrew helps me check the water and oil of my car.

Enough’s enough. I am done.

Update. I’ve known this was coming for awhile, but tonight has cemented it for me. I am so sick of putting in so much effort to almost never receive the same. I do not believe that it is impossible to fit in having a coffee with someone once in a while, yet I’m constantly ignored or treated like I’m too needy. And so now I cry because I don’t want to end friendships but I can’t handle how bad I’m made to feel simply for wanting to actually see my friend. So, now it’s time to grieve and cry 😭

Update 2: 13th July 2022, 6:38pm. I’ve realised that since I never actually planned on saying anything to this person anyway and instead just pull back, that saying I am ending the friendship probably isn’t accurate. I don’t know. Not that it matters. What will be will be.

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