I have recognised where my anxiety is coming from…

So now I know what I have to change.

Even if I am imaging the difference between me and my friend, it has happened to show me, that what I consider harmless fun, if looked at from a different perspective, may be considered really dumb and possibly bad.

I hope I haven’t lost a friend but I have realised that asking him is not appropriate. As odd as that sounds to even me.

Either way, I have seen what I needed to see. I can’t be apart of any actions that make the next person need to keep a secret to stop someone else from getting hurt. We all know what a guilty conscience can do to a person.

I really hope this is all in my head but I have decided that moving forward I have to be more mindful of others. I never ever want to be apart of something that could potentially hurt someone. I truly hope this isn’t the case and that all this anxiety is solely happening to help me see all the different perspectives so that I can continue to grow and evolve.

I have to let these thoughts and feelings go now, though. I can see how I may have fucked up, and will definitely be learning from this experience.

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