I am currently feeling a strange vibe about one of my friends…

I’m not sure how else to put it.

I personally am fine and having a lovely day but  …

Am now questioning myself whether possible actions in the past could be currently affecting someone else..

Guess I won’t know unless I’m told

I could very well be imaging the feeling I’m experiencing .. and again I am good, it’s someone else I’m not sure about

I have noticed that my subscription number has dropped again by one so hopefully it’s just a strange coincidence

Update: 5th July 2022 | 6:44 pm |I have just now fully realised that the story I was given makes absolutely no sense. That thought has crossed my mind off and on throughout the day, but it doesn’t make any sense as to why my friend would make something up. Unless it’s something to do with our species’ strange need of “saving face”. This concept has also been on my mind all day. But obviously, I have no idea, and that’s ok. I am going through so many scenarios lately that I know what have angered me, things that I would have pushed the other person about.

I’m definitely not going to push it this time though. I figure if my friend did make up what he said, then there’s obviously a reason. And I don’t know for sure anyway .It’s just strange that this feeling hasn’t completely gone away. But I acknowledge that I could very well completely off track 🤷‍♀️😅

Its just that the higher I vibe the better and stronger my intuition becomes. And since I personally am feeling so great I’ve been vibing extremely high this past week. Now that’s an awesome thought to end this update on!

I’m vibing high and everything is on my side!! 😌🥰🥳

I have updated my phone homepage to reflect how I feel.

I am already living my best life!!

Right now in this moment I can truly say I am the happiest and most content version of me that I have ever been. I am feeling things on such a profoundly deeper level and this has enabled me to finally be able to fully connect to my beliefs that I’ve had but been unable to truly connect to until now 💞💕

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