I’m not telling anyone to believe me; I am saying, please, all of you, start believing in yourselves!!

The only real true person who can free you from the saddes or darkness or whatever it is that alels you, is you.

We are our own worst enemy. I feel most people would agree with me, at least on some level…

But when you can finally see just how completely freeing it is to let go finally… It is amazing…

Yet I know I can ‘teach, teach, teach’ all day, every day, and I know I at least give people something to think about or question, but in the long run, to succeed in real change especially when it comes to helping yourself, it needs to come from within you.

Anyway, I had just planned to write only the thought that went through my head, the title of this post, yet instead wrote all of sleep 🌝

10:20 pm. Good Night 😴

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