I wonder if this is true…

My egobis constantly telling me to “Stop talking about MR X!” but it’s  not always that simple..

When I say I can feel him; I actually mean it..

So, its always interesting when I receive what I can only describe in this moment as ” sudden spiritual news” or thY effect.

Mr X once told me in a dream that his daughters name is Lucy. I have no idea if that is actually true 🤷‍♀️

And right before I picked up my phone, the feeling of… he is the stay at home parent, just hit me.. It was what I used to say he would become.. Just in a completely different way at the time…. his is a builder… companies a companies are going underleft right and centre.. I know she is a hair dresser so figure during covid she would have been affected a lot but honestly this is all ..

I have absolutely no idea about anything when it comes to him or them. I am the first to admit, I don’t know him. Not as a person. Here in 3D. I write and say what I do, because, regardless of anyone else, this is my truth.. and I am happy… Genuinely happy… And it’s lovely….


There’s a 2 hour video currently uploading..

Mrs X.. if you ever see these, please hear me when I say this….

I have let him go in this dimension..

He is the father to your kids.. yor husband… he chose you… I know this…

I’m actually not obsessed, sad, mad or any other negative emotion.. I wish you only the best..

love the same man and that is ok..

It’s really time to go get some food, I’m so hungry all of a sudden…

Love is the highest vibration of all…

7: 38 pm

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