I was born a Philosopher and therefore a Storyteller….

Which means I need to study what I don’t know or yet understand; psychology. There is nothing stopping me from studying philosophy in my own time while I study the degrees I need.

I am just so happy that I finally, truly understand.. time is not linear. There is no rush. Every happens in Divine Timing.

Exactly as it’s supposed to.

Philosophy is definitely more my passion ♡

I love everything to do with Philosophy.

But I still get the feeling that I need to study Psychology to help me understand what I need to regarding the work I will do in Philosophy at some point in my life.

Writing when I feel like this is interesting. Everything I say is because I know it’s true. I have no real way to prove anything I say. Not currently at least. And yet, everything I’ve been saying is actually happening.

I am Powerful.

I am ready to step up and into myself.

I am me.

I just know things.

I have been experiencing this ⬆️ since my Spiritual Awakening started all those years ago.

8:36pm. I’m ready to sleep.

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