People grow apart, it doesn’t make them failures. Reason #1

For why marriage no longer makes sense.

If you end up with the love of your life for your entire life then that is truly wonderful .

But people who don’t. Who get divorced or never have a partner, they are not failures!

If you, reading this now, are alone, or in an unhappy marriage feeling like you have failed everyone, please listen to me.

You ARE NOT a failure!!!!!

Our society is fucked.

Why are almost all of the “Traditions” full of reasons for us to hate ourselves? Why are we made to feel guilty and wrong and in some crashes down right criminal, for changing as a person, for growing apart from your partner. This is NORMAL.

And please don’t go there with “all relationships take work” because the simple fact that people have been made to believe this, is idiotic.

I am finally watching the movie that I first wanted to watch with Mr X right at the start of our “lived experience” 😂 since I first saw it on his Apple TV in 2014.

Anyway I am really struggling to take anything to do with marriage seriously anymore and often find myself day dreaming about the book I know I’m going to write eventually, when I finally have the words to do it right 🥰

Almost 6 years on and I’m now watching the movie, only now, I am a completely different person ♡

Update: 6:06pm I have just finished the movie. I really enjoyed it. The connection between the laptop and tv keeps dropping out so I watched the last of it on computer. And have updated the picture above, though, I hadn’t realised I had uploaded a completely wrong photo. I am glad I waited until now to watch the movie 😊

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