I still really want to increase the dosage …

Before speaking to my doctor on Thursday.

Even though I agree with my psychologist, I have to admit, if I’m going to be medicated for the rest of my life, which, let’s face it, I probably will be… I really feel like if a higher dose makes me feel even better and more “human/normal” I may as well take it.

OMG, I really can see just how much of a difference there is in me. I mean, the only person holding me accountable is me and that’s in the sense of writing these stories.

A story can be any part of your journey..

Right now, is the story of filling my pill box and being extremely selr aware of how easily I can justify things in my head, “you know she will agree to the 200mg increase anyway” and “it’s Tuesday night, you are speaking to her on Thursday morning so it would literally only be tomorrow morning” and yet, I am choosing to do the right thing first and speak to my doctor.

Being a responsible adult feels rather nice.

Anyway, my dinner is now ready, so I will finish filling up my meds afterwards. And no, I still haven’t managed to make deviled sausages but today have vegan sausage rolls and bean salad 🙂

4 responses to “I still really want to increase the dosage …”

  1. Hi Liv , that is a deliciouse dish and healthy .
    What will you do today .

    Watch some Romantic movie Romeo and Juliet, Ore something else.
    Sex and the City is funny , but then the person wants somebody beside them .
    You are looking great today ,
    Warm Greetings from Helsingborg Sweden


  2. Hi Liv , great that you contact your family, be the one that shows extra much Love understandning , foegivness . Work on relations with your family, even if in the beginning you dont get a good contact.
    Ask your family that they visit you that you feel lonely , and when the negative emotions come that you are not lonely.

    You need a extra dosage of Love , and a tailormade routine specially for you , and that you follow your routine every time .
    I would help you if i was by your Side , if i lived close to you .
    You are a beautiful Lady , you dont need alcohol and smoking much .

    Have a Great Week ,
    If you want to write me something in email if you want to,



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