Time to knowledge how rude I have been speaking to my sister and her partner in some of my earlier, anger moments 😢

Dear Sister, and Brother and Law

I am sorry for how I have spoken about you and to you when we first stopped talking after that bomb of a dinner that set this break between us..

I can appreciate you not wanting to speak to me. In general. But not hearing from you at least to tell me you and the little ones are ok, so breaking me into pieces..

I am so sorry to see how this looks like I am making this”about me” but I swear, I don’t expect for us to be ok.

I’m not ok. And I’m guessing after what you’ve all been through, you’re not ok either.

I don’t expect anything from you. Especially now that I am writing this and literally seeing with my own eyes that I am actually making it about me

Fuck. I’m sorry. I love you so much. I just really hope you know that.

Please tell the kids how much I love them.

I have no idea if you will see this, but I’m out of ideas on how else to let you know

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