Sometimes I wish I had a group of girlfriends that I could do stuff with ๐Ÿ˜’

It’s no wonder I spend so much time alone. I barely have any friends. The one’s I do are all predominantly online.

I have been invited to a 40th birthday today, but I know absolutely no one except the actual person holding it and unfortunately don’t have the energy to drive to the other side of the city and back tonight.

But right now, during the middle of the day, Saturday 12:05pm I feel sad all of a sudden.

I still haven’t heard from my mum or sister.

All I can think about now is what if something happens and I never get to tell my mum how much I love her again. And now I’m crying.

I wish I understood why people don’t like me. Why I’m blamed for everything.

But I don’t and probably never will.

Guess it’s time to get it the shower and cry my eyes out in there, so I can get n with my day of seeing and speaking to absolutely no one.

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