Old school Sex and the City

And, I went and picked up my bong after a winning day at work!! πŸ₯³

Our workshop is coming together so nicely! I ended up throwing out the scripts and instantly felt better. I am telling my own stories, after all.

I NEED to trust myself..

So I am very proud to say, not only did the workshop run extremely well, but I made all three videos for work after we had lunch. My boss opened the meeting room next to him and I used the trash bin as a laptop stand.

Not trying to hide my boobs πŸ˜‚ just covering the company’s name πŸ˜…

The first one I mostly read out from the script that I read out in one of my videos. I had told my team how much I had struggled over the weekend trying to make them, when we all first met up in the morning. I ended up reading it to them before we started working on the workshop. They both said it was great. One even said she really connected with it, so that was nice.

I stuffed up the end bit for the disclaimer in the first video, so I copied just the header and footer onto a word document that I had set up to read without anything else. I made the second and third video more like I make my daily videos. No notes or anything. Just talking from my heart. You can actually see me getting better throughout each video 😊

I spent a couple of hours with Grant after work, since it turns out that the street I park on for these work meetings, is the exact same street he lives on, just the opposite end. After seeing him, who watched my videos and said they were good, especially since this is my first time doing it like this in a work environment, I decided that I wanted my bong back. So I spoke to Rachelon drive home and was able to go past her place and get it. I plan to have a day all to myself just fully relaxing and getting stoned tomorrow 😁

Oh, and on a side note, look how pretty my baby is 😍🀩

I’m a little bit worried it’s not hot enough, so not sure what to do about that. Will definitely have to message person who gave it to me and ask.

But that and everything else can wait, because right now I am going to go heat up some food, smoke another bong and then continue watching Sex and the City until I fall asleep. Which probably won’t be long πŸ˜…πŸ˜΄

Time. 8:36pm

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