I’m putting together weed capsules for my vape…

Only a few each for now

While watching the videos that I uploaded yesterday. So, far I’m on part 2.

I am waiting on an email from work regarding the safe storytelling workshop we are doing online on Wednesday. There is theory work that needs to be completed before then.

Figured it is the perfect time to make up some capsules with my prescribed day time weed. Then realise, I may as well do some with both prescribed strains. The prescribed weed definitely works better and lasts longer in the vape then the home grown stuff. I have no idea why.

But, I have just put the weed from the grinder into the container and seen that I completely forgot the grinding the prescribed cannabis is also totally different from the other stuff. Meaning I have over ground it and some of it looks like dust 😅

I even told myself to be careful as I didn’t want it to be as fine as this⬇️😂

But nevertheless ended up with this⬆️🤣

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