Day 144: 22nd May 2022 | So much for trying to keep this short haha

I really thought this would be a short video lol at one hour, it is not hahaha

This is basically an update on where I’m at and how I’m feeling.

Almost I started reading my blogs from the very start of my website start my website being opened, and I am actually really proud of all the blogs I have read so far. Especially the blog to my neighbour, I seriously thought that needed heaps of editing to be done to it, but it turns out, I’ve obviously already done it, as it reads much better than I remember. I will also be making this particular blog one of the main feature blogs on the front page of my website once I know how, lol

For those of you who only watch my videos on YouTube, I highly recommend that you go to my actual website, and start at the very beginning. Thankfully the new layout of my website makes that very easy. Just use the archives to select each month, and then make sure you check how many pages there are in the month and start at the beginning. I’ve explained this in the video.

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