Ohh jeezzzeee 不不不不

This is what happens when you live with chronic pain and exhaustion, alone by myself without any help

You end up with a very muddy dog, which, since I’ve vaped some weed, (and YES it’s working!戊) I didn’t even realise until he rolled over

When we got back, well thr first thing I did truthfully was turn on my vape and then try to towel off what mud I could off his paws, but wasn’t overly liking that. So I gave him dinner and tried again while he ate. I got what I could off and made peace with the rest. By this time, I just needed to lie down

I didn’t even think to towel under his tummy. I’m fairly certain the weed hadn’t kicked in by then

For the past couple of days, I have been hit with these intense really severe anxiety at the same time each day. It is really not very nice. And part of me isn’t even sure it’s mine, but I feel it just the same. Today it got so bad I went and bought another cigarette vape. I had promised myself I wouldn’t tell you guys that, but these aren’t really for you, are they …

Anyway, by the time I got home from the dog park, the anxiety that had still been with me at the park was gone, so that was nice. Though that could also be in part because I had already decided before leaving the part that I was coming home to get stoned. Not medicated. But stoned. I imagine that elevated a lot of the stress

Regarding the other stupid vape that my lungs are really mad at me for buying, I will keep it to a minimum, because I really don’t want that to be fixture in my life.

Anyway, the point to my story is this…

Boss is my best buddy who is covered in mud, passed out next to me, his mum, who has absolutely no energy whatsoever to even try to bath him. Effectively meaning, my bed is once again going to be covered in mud

I mean it usually is, I’m just not sure I remember him looking this dirty before

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