Almost 2 hours late + I really need to brush my hair ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

I definitely don’t have the energy to brush my hair. Haven’t since getting sick really. If you have seen my videos today, you will know what I mean.

My appointment was for 2:45 pm. I called them at 2:50 pm to confirm the doctor would call me. Was told yes, and it’s only just gone past 2:45. I asked how late they were running and was told the doctor would call me and conversation was ended. I could hear the annoyance in the woman’s voice. Not who I’m used to speaking with that’s for sure. Different person. Anyway, it’s now 4:36 pm.

I want to eat some crumpets and go to sleep. Crumpets are only good when nice and hot.

I’ve been snoozing off and on but this is bullshit! Coming on 2 hours late. The reason I had to change to a phone appointment is because I am sick.


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