Day 108: 16th April 2022 | Need to stop scrolling and go have a shower..

I did what I always do and slept in. I figured better to sleep in this morning so I’m awake to be a proper friend to Randy who I am picking up later to come and stay at mine. He smashed out his university degree, so we are finally celebrating his graduation tonight 🥳

I am feeling really good. Especially since I now know I truly am over mindlessly watching tv. I put Resident Alien on yesterday but only watched less than half. of the first episode before I was done with it.

I think all the reasons why I wanted to quit smoking ice and go to university are all starting to flood back to the forefront of my mind. Which in turn, is helping my motivation and desire to learn.

Oh and in regards to the bugs, I checked the tent and it was closed. I also checked inside the tent and couldn’t see any bugs. This to me means they aren’t still coming in that way, so, I plan on continuing to practice patience and being calm when they bother me. Which they are doing a lot! 😅

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