Day 104:12th April 2022 | Part 3 | I got the Job!! I am officially a paid Storyteller!!!

I am so happy, it feels like my face might break from smiling so much!

I have been saying for six years that I am a storyteller. That my dream is to help inspire others by telling stories. I mean, I named my personal website Life’s A Story for a reason lol

But today that dream become officially true! I knew I was meant to apply for the volunteer job. I knew I had come across it for a reason, and why it was so important to apply.

Well, by listening to this, I was rewarded with something I have dreaming of for years. This company knew exactly what storytelling can do to help others. They may as well have read my mind. Because they announced a paid position titled Storyteller, and I knew it was for me 🙂

I have now officially been sent the contract to sign 😊

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