Day 96: 4th April 2022 | I totally forgot about the bath video! Going to watch now haha 🤣

Andrew thankfully woke me up this morning to come and fix my windows so the heat would stop going out of them. Bloody happy he did too, as I slept through my alarms and had an eye appointment at 12:30pm.

It wasn’t until we got to my bedroom and I saw the box under my bed with multiple toys sitting on top of it, that I remembered I made a video in the bath yesterday! Plus, I am almost positive the point of making that video, may have not even happened haha I’m about to watch them now after uploading this one.

Other than that, I need more tests done on my eyes, of course. And have a online work catchup today at 5pm.

Oh and Rachel is on her way now to pick up my weed box!!

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