Woke up to Boss at the end of my bed like this..

I’m starting to think that it really is better just me and Boss. He didn’t get the attention he usually does when there were other dogs and puppies here. I get the feeling he likes it better just us too.

I used to be someone who thought dogs belonged outside. I can admit that. I was never really a dog person per say. I always had cats. Until I found out I’m allergic to cats.

I ended up adopting Boss because at that time, in 2014, I was living in a granny flat on a farm in Northern Victoria and my landlord who I had become friends with, suggested I look at getting a dog for company, since I spent so much time alone. I am so grateful everyday that she said that, because Boss truly is the best friend I always needed. He has got me through all of my dark times ♡

Though I will say, Boss definitely has run of the house, in a sense. I guess he knows that I will always love him no matter what, which is why he pushes tthe boundaries.

I just had to tell him off right before I started writing this, because he goes nuts every single time he sees or hears another dog, and he was running around the house and run into my meditation room and jumped on the coffee table in there next to my egg chair. I’ve told him so many times not too jump on things, but well, he listens to basically everyone, but me 😅😆

So he wouldn’t look at me for my photo 😂

Much better ⬆️😁🥰

It’s 9:11am. I’m going to get straight in the shower when I get up, since, I obviously need too lol 😄

I missed a phone call from the pharmacy yesterday saying my medication is all available to pick up if I want and they will refund me the postage fee.

If you watched yesterday’s video you will know I didn’t exactly do much and didn’t even want to make a video, since I was so stuck in my head. Because of this, I couldn’t even bring myself to call the pharmacy back after hearing the message. Thankfully they are open during the weekend so I can go pick it up, otherwise it’ll be sometime during the week before I actually get it.

If it had been posted yesterday, and it was after 3pm, it would arrive on Tuesday the message said. The pharmacy opens at 10am today until 5pm and tomorrow 10am till 2pm.

I was thinking about picking it up tomorrow since I am driving to yoga to meet everyone face to face at work, but when I checked the gps, where I’m going tomorrow is approximately 40 minutes in each direction and that’s with no traffic. The pharmacy is in a completely different direction so it would be well over an hour to do both tomorrow.

So, once I have finished typing this, I’m going to shower and get ready to go out. I also need to get petrol, and probably have to fill it, due to how much driving I’ll be doing this weekend.

I always check ‘Petrol Spy’ online first to check which petrol station has the best price. I highly recommend using this if you live in Australia. There’s an app but I just use it online. But bloody hell is it expensive! Everything seems to have increased in price like overnight. Including groceries. Some things have doubled in price.

$1.74 seems to be the cheapest 😒
Caltex Woolworths

Thankfully this petrol station is right next to the entry onto the freeway. Still a sucky price though.

I am soooo looking forward to trying my new thc oil though, so am definitely happy to make the drive today. It’s just over an hour round trip.

Since I have never tried pure THC oil before, I obviously have no clue how it will affect me. So, I have no idea, what, if anything, I’ll get done to today, while figuring out dosages. I’m excited to find out though!

But on saying that, I think I’ll still look into a timer release safe or box etc. I really only want to use the pain medications when I need them. Though, on saying that, I do tend to forget to take them until my pain levels are so bad, everything starts to shut down. So, I absolutely have to get my shit sorted out 🙄😅

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